TIF-HELEXPO: Renewable Energy Tech exhibition on renewables, storage, green and smart energy in Thessaloniki March 14-16, 2024

Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF)-HELEXPO’s unique – for exhibition standards in Europe and beyond – venture to expand into the promising green economy field is continuing and being enriched.

The 2nd Forward Green Circular Economy International Exhibition will be held at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center March 14 to 16, 2024, while, at the same time, the 1st Renewable Energy Tech, a large-scale, European-standard trade fair exclusively focused on the green and smart energy market, will take place at a separate exhibition space.

As noted in a relevant announcement, Renewable Energy Tech will be staged in collaboration with energypress.gr, the largest news and information portal on energy matters, which also organizes the most important annual conferences on energy, covering all its sub-sectors.

This new exhibition will give the opportunity to dozens of companies, active in Greece and southeast European countries – in the fields of renewable energy, energy storage, hydrogen and “green” gases, electromobility, energy saving, smart management applications and, overall, in the sectors of the green energy economy – to exhibit their products and services and also come into contact with potential partners or competitors.

Renewable Energy Tech, within its framework, will host a major international conference on renewable energy, storage and green technologies, while the exhibition facilities will include specially designed areas for B2B meetings.

The Forward Green and Renewable Energy Tech events promise to serve as the region’s most dynamic exhibition duo for new energy production and consumption standards, as well as for technologies of the future, dramatically changing the economy and everyday life of modern societies.

For further information:

Panagiotis Hatziioannou pc@helexpo.gr

Katerina Benaki kb@helexpo.gr


Brussels reiterates call for single energy, water authority

The European Commission has reiterated, in latest contact with the energy and environment ministry, a recommendation for the establishment of a single Regulatory Authority for Energy and Water as an independent monitoring body with a broadened task range, including regulation of rules for investments, management and pricing of water, especially drinking water, energypress sources have informed.

This time around, the recommendations by Brussels come as part of a strategy promoting the development of a circular economy and sustainable growth.

The European Commission was prompted to readdress the issue as it believes the existence of 120 or so municipal water supply and sewerage companies around the country – each applying their own and inexplicable, to a certain extent, pricing policies – does not contribute to rational water management.

Single regulatory authorities supervising the energy and water sectors have already been established in many EU member states, including neighboring Italy.

This country’s initiative was discussed, among other topics, at a meeting yesterday between energy minister Kostas Skrekas and Italy’s Ambassador to Greece, Patrizia Falcinelli, sources noted.

The establishment, in Italy, of a single regulatory authority for energy, water and wastewater has led to impressive social and economic benefits, the Italian diplomat is believed to have informed the Greek minister during their meeting.

The energy ministry is reportedly working on a plan designed to broaden the tasks of RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, sources informed, stressing finalized decisions had yet to be taken.

Energy projects a main focus of new financial support tool

A financial-support plan backing energy projects, the circular economy – waste elimination and continual use of resources – as well as pivotal infrastructure features in a wider support program announced by government officials yesterday for the economy and enterprises.

The support plan, to involve public and private-sector money, will seek to achieve economic regrowth as lockdown measures are gradually eased.

Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis presented the various facets of the support program yesterday following a speech from Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the government’s plan for a restart of the economy.

The government intends to provide state support worth 400 million euros for the support plan’s section concerning energy, the circular economy and pivotal infrastructure. The amount will be channeled into the market by the Hellenic Development Bank.

In addition, this support fund will also seek to attract private-sector capital worth 600 million euros and ultimately generate energy-sector investments totaling approximately 3 billion euros.

Renewable energy and energy storage projects will be the main focus of this part of the support program, while qualification will be based on transparent criteria and banking rationale, officials noted.

The support plan’s section for energy, the circular economy and pivotal infrastructure, along with another section supporting strategic sectors of the economy, share the top spot in terms of state support – 400 million euros for each – among eight sections in total.

The total sum to be provided by the state for the support plan’s eight sections amounts to 1.8 billion euros, projected to snowball into investments worth 5 billion euros overall.