Gov’t announces €250m support package for PPC


The government has announced a support package worth over 250 million euros for the state-run main power utility PPC, whose  financial results and share price are under pressure as a result of a number of unfavorable conditions, including rising CO2 […]

PPC adopts measure to combat CO2-related cost swings


The main power utility PPC and energy ministry have decided to adopt a CO2 emission right costs-related clause designed to increase electricity tariffs when CO2 costs are elevated and decrease them when these emission right costs are lower. The power […]

Investors, discontent with PPC sale incentives, may refrain


The main power utility PPC’s bailout-required disinvestment of lignite units and mines stands a high chance […]

Gas, Oil

Reinforced EDEY team begins work on hydrocarbon surveys


EDEY, the Greek Hydrocarbon Management Company, is now establishing a reinforced scientific team to be tasked […]

Suppliers set to lose ground in tougher mid-voltage market


Independent electricity suppliers are under pressure to increase mid-voltage tariffs on existing customer agreements as a […]

Whirlwind of RES investment interest in September


Investors seeking electricity production licenses – via renewable energy and combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) technologies […]