EuroAsia project moving again, Egypt present with EuroAfrica


Development of the wider region’s two major electricity grid interconnections, the EuroAsia Interconnector, to link Greece, from Crete, with Cyprus and Israel, and EuroAfrica Interconnector, a complementary project to link Cyprus with the African continent via Egypt, was discussed at […]

Minister urges target model readiness for smooth launch


Energy minister Costis Hatzidakis has urged all target model officials – including RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy; power grid operator IPTO; the energy exchange and EnExClear – to have resolved any pending issues so that a smooth launch of […]

Ellaktor, EDPR form alliance for greater RES market penetration


The Ellaktor group and EDP Renewables, both aiming for swifter and deeper RES market penetration, have […]

Gas, Oil

Africa Upstream, LNG & Gas Summit taking place tomorrow


Following the success of the online Oil & Gas Summit, hundreds of EPs and service providers […]

Public Service Compensation account deficit at €90m


The Public Service Compensation (YKO) account, funded by electricity bill surcharges used to subsidize high-cost electricity […]


Incoming LNG shipments down sharply, prices rise globally


LNG shipments into Greece are headed for a quieter period following heightened recent trading activity that […]