Energy transition goals need to be achieved for RRF funds


The provision of EU Recovery and Resilience Facility funds for Greece, totaling over 6 billion euros, will depend on the progress of milestones set for various energy transition projects. These projects, listed in a 288-page report just endorsed by the […]

ETMEAR adjusting mechanism seen for RES account revisions


Besides the RES special account’s split into two sections, dividing old and new activity, revisions proposed by the European Commission, for its approval of a recovery-fund injection worth 202 million euros into the account, include the adoption of a mechanism […]


Demand for super unleaded gasoline rises 34.8% during lockdown


Overall petroleum product demand fell by 8.1 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year, from […]

Gas, CO2 costs, up over 50%, increasing electricity prices


The pandemic’s gradual remission and tougher climate-change policies have ushered in a period of elevated electricity […]


DESFA pipeline agreement with North Macedonia’s MER in July


Gas grid operator DESFA expects ongoing negotiations with North Macedonia’s energy sources company MER, for a […]

Pivotal IPTO substation returning to full capacity after repair work


Power grid operator IPTO’s pivotal Koumoundourou high-voltage substation, serving the wider Athens area, will be ready […]