Small-scale PV, energy community tariff levels given one-year extension

Non-auction privately owned solar energy units of up to 500 KW and energy communities with capacities of up to 1 MW have been given one-year tariff level  extensions, until August 31, 2023, which partially compensates for the failure, for the time being at least, of tariff increases requested by sector officials.

The one-year tariff extension means current tariffs of 65.74 euros per MWh for private owners of solar units of up to 500 KW will be maintained for an additional year instead of being reduced to 63 euros per MWh from September 1, as had been planned by authorities.

Correspondingly, current tariffs for energy communities of up to 1 MW will remain at 68.87 euros per MWh for an extra year instead of dropping to 65 euros per MWh as of September 1.

Even so, investor representatives contend the maintenance of tariffs at present levels does not suffice for sharp development cost increases of solar energy units.