IPTO set to offer connection terms for PV group applications

Power grid operator IPTO is set to start issuing finalized connection term offers to small-scale PV group applicants after recently completing its assessment of applications submitted.

Late last week, the operator announced a list of group applications that fulfilled requirements by December 31, 2020, in preparation, according to energypress sources, for the issuance of a first batch of finalized connection term offers towards the end of June or early July.

This will place small-scale PV group applicants in line for operator connections.

As was noted by IPTO deputy Giannis Margaris two months ago, over 3,000 small-scale PV group applications representing approximately 3 GW were submitted to the operator for appraisal, a procedure that includes inspections for overlapping property issues concerning project sites.

Revisions were introduced to enable small-scale PV investors to submit group applications as a means of sidestepping distribution network saturation issues through direct connections to the transmission network, made possible by the installation of new substations to be funded by investors.

Small-scale PV group applications must represent a total capacity of at least 8 MW in order to be submitted to IPTO, according to the rule revisions.