IPTO shifts tender deadlines for Santorini grid projects

Power grid operator IPTO has shifted to latter dates the bidding deadlines of tenders for two contracts concerning the development of Santorini’s grid interconnection, kicking off work for the Cyclades interconnection’s fourth stage.

The deadline of a tender offering bidders an EPC contract for 150-kV AC cables, has been reset for February 19, while the new date for a tender covering the installation of a substation has been delayed until March 19.

The operator has also altered the competition procedure for the cables project, opting for a single-offer online competition instead of an online auction.

All work under the cables’ EPC contract, estimated at 100 million euros, not including VAT, will need to be completed within a 16-month period from the date a contract is signed.

The project’s substation installation of a GIS 150-kV/MT system budgeted at 26.2 million euros, not including VAT, will need to be delivered within 20 months.

Financial support is being sought for both projects through the Recovery and Resilience Facility mechanism.

IPTO expects a smaller turnout than initially anticipated for the project’s cables, according to sources. Two bidders are now seen lodging bids for this EPC contract.

The fourth phase of the Cyclades grid interconnection also includes the islands Folegandros, Milos and Serifos.

This project’s Naxos-Santorini segment is expected to be completed by 2023, while the interconnections for the three aforementioned islands are expected to be delivered in 2024.


Santorini-Naxos grid link tender set to be announced by IPTO

Power grid operator IPTO’s plan for a subsea cable interconnection to link Santorini’s grid with Naxos, and, by extension, the mainland system, a project promising to resolve Santorini’s electricity supply shortages confronted every summer as a result of the island’s immense tourism appeal, has just been published, as a preliminary announcement, in the Official Journal of the EU.

The tender for this project, part of the fourth phase of the Cyclades interconnection, will most probably be officially announced within the first few days of January.

The fourth phase of the project will also include ensuing interconnections with the islands Folegandros, Milos and Serifos. Respective tenders for these projects are scheduled to be announced within the first half of 2021, energypress sources have informed.

The Naxos-Santorini grid interconnection, a project valued at 100 million euros (plus 24% VAT), is scheduled to be completed in 2023, while the links for the three other islands are planned for delivery in 2024.

The tender for the Naxos-Santorini grid link is scheduled to take place on January 29 as an online procedure through the company cosmoONE’s sourceONE digital auction system.

Bids submitted will be opened on the same day.