Edison, ELPE preparing offer for Ellaktor’s Elpedison stake

Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE) and Edison, holding an equally divided 75.78 percent share of electricity producer and supplier Elpedison, are preparing to make an offer for a 22.74 percent share held by construction firm Ellaktor.

Ellaktor has announced a decision to withdraw from Elpedison. ELPE and Edison, both holding preferential buying rights for Ellaktor’s stake, would want to buy it and prevent any rival from become part of Elpedison’s equity line-up.

ELPE and Edison have a limited time period to prepare an acceptable offer. It will need to be made within the summer. If the duo’s offer fails to satisfy Ellaktor, the latter will have the right to seek another buyer.

The current talks between the three companies have been described as positive.

Halcor, the copper tubes division of copper producer ElvalHalcor, holds Elpedison’s remaining 1.48 percent.

Elpedison, whose retail electricity market share was last measured at 3.73 percent, in March, operates two gas-fueled power stations offering a combined production capacity of at least 810 MW. The investment cost for the two units exceeded 500 million euros.

Ellaktor’s decision to withdraw from Elpedison was prompted by a revised business plan shaped by its new administration, whose new focus includes renewable energy.