Fuel price drop lowers Greek ranking on Bloomberg list

Reduced fuel price levels for Greek consumers, down by 20 percent less over the past six months, has lowered the country’s ranking on a Bloomberg list of petrol prices in 61 nations. Greece dropped eight places lower, to thirteenth place.

The current average price of fuel in Greece is about 1.50 euro per liter, or 7.06 dollars per gallon – 3.79 liters – as listed in the Bloomberg list.

Norway topped the list (9.26 dollars per gallon), Turkey was ranked second (8.44 dollars per gallon), Hong Kong was third (8.12 dollars per gallon), Italy fourth (8.11 dollars per gallon), and the Netherlands was fifth (8.07 dollars per gallon).

Venezuela, where a gallon of petrol costs four cents (dollar), was placed at the bottom of the list, as the cheapest country for petrol purchases. Prices are also considerably low in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Iran.

In another Bloomberg list measuring the cost of a gallon of petrol as a percentage of average daily income, Greece was ranked 26th among the 61 nations.