YKO surcharge revisions expected within the summer

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, looking to make public service compensation (YKO) surcharge revisions for a fairer system, is working on establishing a formula that will avoid imposing maximum YKO rates on entire electricity amounts consumed in cases where upper consumption limits are exceeded, but, instead, limit this top-rate charge to consumption amounts exceeding the upper limit.

RAE plans to deliver its finalized proposal to the energy ministry around mid July. It remains unclear when the new YKO formula will be implemented. Retroactive enforcement has not been ruled out, which would protect consumers from YKO overcharges related to increased summer-season  electricity consumption.

At present, consumers who exceed upper consumption limits are charged top-rate YKO charges for entire amounts consumed.

The YKO surcharge is paid by consumers through electricity bills, primarily to subsidize high-cost electricity production on Greece’s non-interconnected islands.