Wind-energy capacity registers sharp 104 MW rise in June

Wind-energy facilities registered a sharp installed capacity increase of 104 MW in June, according to data included in a monthly LAGIE (Electricity Market Operator) report.

This promising increase comes after months of stagnancy and disappointing capacity figures for all of the country’s renewable energy (RES) sub-sectors over the year’s first five-month period.

Installed capacity in the wind-energy sector rose to 1960.22 MW in June from 1,856.62 MW, producing 279,770 MWh of electricity.

As for other RES sub-sectors, capacity figures remained unchanged, except for a slight increase registered by roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, which gained 23.48 MW to reach a total capacity of 351.21 MW.

The total installed capacity of small hydropower plants stood at 223.13 MW, biomass units were unchanged at 52.23 MW, combined heat and power (CHP) capacity remained steady at 100.07 MW, and PV parks were unchanged at 2,093.12 MW.