Wind energy capacity falls by 8 MW in August

Renewable energy source (RES) capacity levels registered slight changes for the month of August, according to the latest report by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator.

The total capacity for wind-energy farms was reduced by 8 MW, slipping to 1594.52 MW in August from 1,608.72 MW a month earlier. Small hydropower plants and biomass-biogas units held their ground, registering capacities of 219.84 MW and 47.19 MW, respectively. Combined heat and power (CHP) capacity increased to 99.07 MW.

Total contracted photovoltaic capacity remained steady at a level of 3,080 MW, while installed photovoltaic capacity rose marginally to 2,078.97 MW from 2,078.54 in July.

Small capacity changes were registered by roof-mounted photovoltaics for the month of August. Capacity for interconnected systems increased to 350.16 MW from 350.13 MW in July, while the capacity for non-interconnected systems reached 24.11 MW in August from 24.09 MW a month earlier.