VW considers Astypalaia island as electromobility testing site

German automaker Volkswagen, preparing to conduct real-condition tests on a range of new electric vehicles, including self-driving models, is considering the Greek island Astypalaia as a testing site.

Astypalaia is one of the Greek islands the government is looking to convert into a green island with self-sufficient RES generation.

VW is now considering to proceed with investments needed on Astypalaia for its planned electromobility and self-driving car tests. The island was proposed by the Greek government as an appropriate testing site.

A team of VW officials were in Athens in February for a related meeting with Greece’s Deputy Foreign Minister Kostas Fragogiannis, responsible for economic diplomacy and extroversion.

This Dodecanese island is among the Greek islands capable of hosting RES and energy storage systems as well as electric vehicle recharging infrastructure required by VW for its testing, Greek authorities support.