Universal supply service takes on 50,000 extra meters in 2022

An estimated 50,000 low-voltage consumers around the country resorted, in 2022, to the universal electricity supply service, covering the needs of black-listed consumers who have been shunned by suppliers over payment failures, latest electricity market figures have shown.

The number of households and businesses now being supplied low-voltage electricity via the universal electricity supply service – provided collectively, by law, by the electricity market’s top five suppliers, based on market share – rose to a level of approximately 198,000 at the end of 2022, up from roughly 148,000 a year earlier, a sharp rise highlighting the troubles consumers are having covering electricity bills amidst the energy crisis.

Given these figures, the universal electricity supply service, charging consumers higher tariffs, is ranked sixth in terms of power meters represented, essentially meaning that only power utility PPC, the dominant retail market player, and four other electricity suppliers hold greater market shares.

PPC ended 2022 with 80,000 fewer low-voltage customers, after losing some 255,000 customers in this category in 2021.