Tsipras: Our aim is to achieve an economically viable agreement

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, upon his arrival at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, on Monday, referred to the key points of the agreement proposed by the Greek government.

Tsipras is currently meeting with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. Government Vice President Yiannis Dragasakis and State Minister Nikos Pappas also participate in the Greek delegation.

“Our aim is to achieve an economically viable agreement with the view to leaving behind excessive primary surpluses, saving pensions and salaries, avoiding excessive and unreasonable increases in electricity for the middle class families, restoring normality in labor relations and at the same time promoting the necessary structural and legal reforms aimed at redistributing the burden, combating tax evasion and corruption. These are our key points for an agreement,” Tsipras underlined.

Asked whether he sees an agreement on Monday, Juncker said “Progress was made over the past days but we are not yet there.”

“I don’t know if we will have an agreement today,” he added.