Tsipras: We need to plan our post-memoranda future on a solid foundation

Greece ought to plan its future on a sturdy foundation, after the end of all adjustment programs in August, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said at the 10th Regional Conference for the Productive Reconstruction of the Peloponnese, held in Tripoli on Tuesday.
In his address from the southern Greek city, Tsipras said, “The post-memorandum Greece – with the final completion of the adjustment programs in August – is approaching, and we ought to plan our future on a sturdy base so that we proceed in a stable manner.”
The premier referred to state- and NSRF-funded investments opened in the tourism sector. Household waste management, which was funded by the public investment program, would resolve long-standing issues for which Greece continues to be fined by the European Union, he added, while public-private partnerships will help in setting up recycling and re-use businesses.
Among other things, Tsipras said the agreement for the sale of the lignite units of the Public Power Corporation was an improvement over an earlier one, “giving up only 21.4% of (PPC’s) lignite capacity and 9% of (the country’s) total capacity.”
In other progress, the premier said, two large road projects were completed, the Corinth-Tripoli and Kalamata-Sparta branch, and the Olympia Road from Corinth to Patra, both benefitting the state by 520 million euros.