Numerous RES applications to miss cut under new framework

New criteria being prepared for the eligibility of RES project applications is expected to lead to the disqualification of thousands of investment plans next summer, when a new framework for the sector will be implemented.

The total capacity represented by older and newer RES project applications, along with producer certificates and production licenses, currently exceeds 100 GW, a completely unrealistic figure for the Greek market.

This capacity sum will be slashed when the new criteria, incorporating new spatial terms and a series of restrictions concerning environmental protection rules, come into effect.

The current framework to be replaced stretches back to 2009 and was based on the RES technology of the time, now overtaken.

Excess applications are currently occupying capacities that could be offered to RES investment plans possessing greater maturity and purpose.

Over the years, the country’s RES investors have found themselves trapped in an environment that has lacked clarity as a result of too many rule revisions and proposals, as well as differing policies implemented by a succession of administrations.