Tender offering DEPA Trade majority to be launched April 8

A tender offering a majority stake (50% plus one share) of DEPA Trade, one of two new corporate entities to emerge from gas utility DEPA’s split as part of its privatization plan, is expected to be launched on April 8, one month after tomorrow’s anticipated ratification of a related draft bill.

Investors will be offered a minority stake in DEPA Infrastructure, the split’s other new entity, at a latter date.

The privatization fund is now working on the tender’s documents, energypress sources have informed.

DEPA Trade’s minority for the Greek State will be transferred to the country’s privatization fund, according to the procedure.

The Greek State’s stake in DEPA Infrastructure, no less than 51 percent, will be handled by the energy ministry, according to the privatization plan.

Also, the transfer of DEPA Infrastructure’s minority stake will not be able to take place until procedures have been completed for the transfer of DEPA Trade’s majority stake.