Task force assembled to hasten hydrocarbon exploration

A task force aiming to hasten the country’s hydrocarbon exploration and production procedures has been assembled following the signing of a related ministerial decision by energy minister Kostas Skrekas.

The plan to assemble a task force was announced approximately two months earlier during prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ visit to the headquarters of EDEY, the Greek Hydrocarbon Management Company.

The Greek leader took the opportunity, during his EDEY visit, to express support for the exploration of possible natural gas deposits in Greek offshore territory.

Dr. Theodoros Tsakiris, Associate Professor at the University of Nicosia and special adviser to the energy ministry, has been appointed head coordinator of the new task force, a five-member team.

According to energypress sources, the newly established task force will stage its first meeting within the current month.

Talks with representatives of companies holding licenses will be among the first initiatives to be taken by the task force for an assessment of administrative issues that may have been encountered by investors until now and discussion on proposals and experiences to date.