Tariff extensions for private PV units, problems acknowledged

The energy ministry intends to extend the validity of existing non-auction tariff prices for private solar energy facilities up to 500 KW and energy community units up to 1 MW in order to offer support to private RES producers who may not be able to electrify their projects by November 26, when a tariff revision is scheduled.

The extension of current tariff prices is expected to fall well short of a six-month period requested by Greek solar energy producers association Pospief, but it should be enough to cover producer needs.

The energy ministry has recognized difficulties faced by private producers not participating in RES auctions, the most significant of these being connection delays of completed projects by the distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO, and, secondly, a market shortage of photovoltaic equipment, exacerbated by solar panel delivery delays.

In addition, some time may still be needed for the ratification of a draft bill that would enable RES projects to secure tariffs as soon as they have been certified as ready by DEDDIE/HEDNO, instead of at the time of their electrification, as is the case at present.

This revision has already been prepared by the energy ministry but its ratification faces delay as the matter is linked to the progress of a draft bill concerning spatial regulations for RES projects, still a long way off.