Target model preparations to be reviewed by Brussels tomorrow

The country’s efforts in adhering to a target model schedule leading to the model’s implementation will be presented tomorrow by government officials to European Commission technocrats via a teleconference.

During tomorrow’s teleconference, the Greek team, led by the energy ministry’s secretary-general Alexandra Sdoukou, will need to convince Brussels officials that the country is on track for a spot-market launch in about six months, or June, 2020, as the government has pledged.

The Greek government must present a comprehensive strategy ahead of talks on electricity market competition and liberalization, essentially deferred until next month.

Brussels is applying consistent and considerable pressure on Greek officials, energypress sources have informed. Concerns include the still-unendorsed day-ahead and intra-day market clearance regulation, despite many months of processing.

Furthermore, power grid operator IPTO’s energy management director Iraklis Skotinos has promised that the balancing market will also be ready in June.

Indicative of its determination to adhere to target model schedules, the energy ministry recently had a draft bill ratified in parliament enabling RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, to impose fines for delays.