Suppliers seen loosely interpreting RAE clause adjustment request

Electricity suppliers, set to disclose adjustments to price-related clauses included in electricity bills, are expected to offer loose interpretations rather than strictly comply with  related guidelines offered by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy.

Suppliers, who were given a June 14 deadline to make clause adjustments as a means of simplifying electricity-bill cost analysis and offer comparisons for consumers, have been highly critical of the authority’s guidelines, describing them as an intrusion and restriction on pricing policy.

Some suppliers have even threatened to take legal action against RAE, but this is not possible as the authority’s initiative is a proposal not an order.

Even so, suppliers need to present revisions, based on their respective interpretations of the RAE guidelines that will somehow reflect the proposals. Otherwise, consumers who are aware of the authority’s guidelines could turn against suppliers and file official complaints.

Suppliers, through their interpretations, will, without a doubt, seek leeway that could enable their commercial departments to attract customers.

RAE has asked suppliers to adopt standardized price-related clauses.

Suppliers have reassured they will deliver adjustments in accordance with the RAE recommendations but do not believe the overall effort will improve the ability of consumers to compare competing offers.