Speculators exploiting favorable energy community terms for quick profit

Speculators exploiting favorable terms offered for energy communities are setting up frameworks of such ventures with an aim to secure licenses easier and then sell these along with communities for a quick profit, energypress sources have informed.

The energy ministry has received a growing number of evidence-backed complaints from various parts of provincial Greece.

Sellers are believed to be searching for potential buyers, offering photovoltaic projects. Complex procedures promising the prospective buyers eventual ownership of energy communities are then pitched by the sellers.

Favorable terms legislated in Greece for energy communities, especially a term offering priority grid connection rights from the distribution network operator, are being exploited by sellers as a key incentive to lure buyers.

Action aiming to halt this violation of EU and Greek terms supporting the development of energy communities will soon be announced, energy ministry officials informed.

Energy communities enable electricity consumers to also become producers through renewable energy output, while municipalities and regional authorities can establish localized energy policies.