Solar, PV energy players to compete at inaugural mixed RES auction

The country’s first mixed RES auction, to place the sector’s main players, the wind and solar energy investors, in the same bidding arena and intensify competition, as is the case abroad, is expected to take place in mid-April.

Wind and solar energy technologies each have their respective advantages. PV systems are clearly lower-cost systems but offer smaller capacity and renewable energy output. On the contrary, wind energy systems promise greater economies of scale, making them more competitive, but cost considerably more to manufacture.

PV system costs have risen by approximately 10 percent in recent times as a result of a rise in the price of silicon, a solar cell manufacturing component. The development is expected to further intensify the bidding competition at Greece’s forthcoming mixed auction.

Elsewhere, wind energy players were the most successful bidders of a recent mixed RES auction in Spain, whereas solar investors dominated a session in Germany. Overall, results around Europe have shown that solar energy players hold an advantage over wind energy bidders at mixed RES auctions.

Wind energy parks in central Europe and Spain are installed in lowland areas, whereas equivalent Greek facilities are set up at higher altitudes, significantly increasing installation costs.