Solar energy sector country’s biggest RES player since 2014

Solar energy systems have played a key part in the RES sector’s increased share of the country’s energy mix since 2014, data provided by power grid operator IPTO has shown.

RES and combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) units in operation at the end of 2019 totaled 6,373 MW, of which 3,301 MW concern wind energy parks and 2,640 MW concern photovoltaic systems.

The number of RES licenses granted until the end of 2019 totaled a capacity of 30.3 GW, according to IPTO data included in the operator’s ten-year development plan covering 2020 to 2029, forwarded for consultation.

These licenses mainly concern wind and solar energy projects, with hydropower stations as well as biomass and biogas units playing a smaller role.