Soaring Greek energy futures at European energy exchange

Greek energy futures at the European energy exchange are on an upward trajectory from August onwards, as is the case with most European markets.

Greece’s energy futures for August ended yesterday’s trading session at 343 euros per MWh, while September futures were sold for 417 euros per MWh, taking the quantity ordered for the month to 926 GWh.

Greek energy futures for the fourth quarter of 2022 also rose, reaching 351 euros, following recent trends set by Germany and Italy, as well as Greece’s day-ahead market over the past month, which has risen from 260 euros to levels consistently over 300 euros.

Despite the high costs, the government is hoping its retail electricity market revisions can rekindle interest in futures.

In any case, developments in the wider electricity market due to the energy crisis have strengthened the reflexes of companies, pushing them towards safety moves through the acquisition of relevant products.