Smart grids ‘essential for production potential’

The development of smart grids is the only way to utilize the potential of dispersed production, ensure the market’s efficient functioning, save energy, and meet emission-reduction objectives, Nikolaos Hatziargyriou, the recently appointed new chairman and chief executive at HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator – locally known as DEDDIE – told an Economist energy conference in Athens today.

Hatziargyriou told the conference HEDNO needs institutional and regulatory support from all related agencies to accomplish its future plans and, thereby, stand as a pillar of support for the Greek economy.

“The energy landscape in Greece and throughout Europe is going through a crucial period of major challenges and changes,” Hatziargyriou remarked. “The transition to an energy market that will achieve high environmental standards combined with high-quality services at a low cost is the challenge shared by all companies in the industry,” he continued.

DSOs (Distribution System Operators) face great challenges at present, Hatziargyriou remarked, as they “represent the European strategy’s main pillar for utilizing renewable energy potential, the objective being to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security and efficiency.”