‘Second recovery fund for green investments around the country’

Funds worth 16 billion euros are being made available for green development and climate change action from the recovery fund and the National Strategic Reference Framework until 2027, while a further 5 billion euros is expected to be added to the effort from the island decarbonization fund and the modernization fund, all of which essentially creates a second recovery fund for green investments throughout the country, energy minister Kostas Skrekas has noted in an energypress new year feature.

In his appraisal of 2021, the minister noted that the government responded to challenges, as much as is possible amid highly destabilized international conditions, faster and more efficiently than Europe’s bigger economies.

“We have established a solid foundation for a sustainable future, with strong growth potential. We have created unparalleled impetus for green investments, which we expect to exceed 44 billion by 2030, creating 150,000 new jobs,” the minister noted, adding that, in the face of the international energy crisis and its price surge, the government’s support measures for consumers will exceed 1.3 billion euros in 2021.