Saving at Home subsidy platform revisions made for broader access

The Saving at Home subsidy program supporting energy efficiency upgrades of properties was relaunched today after being suspended for technical improvements to its online platform accepting applications.

Technical interventions were made to rectify a severe imbalance in the processing of bids that benefited larger-scale professionals of the building industry, such as big civil engineering firms using specialized software for swifter access to the platform.

Individuals and smaller firms, as a consequence, were blocked from the system, which operates on a first-come, first-served basis until subsidy funds allocated to specific regions around Greece are exhausted.

Interested parties now have a five-minute time limit to fill in application details and lodge their bids from the moment they enter the system. This time restriction will secure fairer play by offering broader access to the platform, energy ministry officials explained.

Revisions were also made to simplify application procedures for subsidy bids concerning apartment blocks. Subsequently, applicants belonging to this category do not need to provide bank account details until a latter date.

Today’s platform relaunch began with subsidy applications for the east Macedonia and Thrace region.

The online platform opens for west Macedonia residents on January 27, property owners in central Macedonia can submit applications as of January 29, while interested parties in Thessaly can lodge bids as of February 1. The category for apartment blocks opens February 3 for the entire country.

The platform’s opening time, 10am, remains unchanged.