Saving at Home energy efficiency subsidy applications from mid-November

The latest edition of the Saving at Home program subsidizing energy efficiency upgrades of existing homes is expected to open for applications in mid-November.

The application period is planned to remain open to interested parties for one month. Unlike previous editions, for which applications were accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, the new program’s prioritization will be based on a series of social and financial criteria.

Also, the energy ministry is considering to increase a project budget maximum for applicants to 200 euros per square meter from 180 euros per square meter as a result of recent price increases in building materials and equipment.

The latest Saving at Home edition is expected to provide energy sufficiency upgrade subsidies for a further 50,000 households throughout the country.

Applicants will need to own the properties to be upgraded and use them as their main homes. Applications will be limited to one person.

The energy efficiency upgrade subsidies will range from 40 to 75 percent of each project’s cost, depending on personal and family income criteria.

Criteria benefitting disabled persons, families with many children and single-parent families, as well as climate-related criteria for respective areas, have also been introduced for the new Saving at Home program.