Level of RES auction applications ‘satisfactory’, 250 MW left over

Prospective participants of a RES auction scheduled for July 2 to offer investors installation capacities for mature projects in three categories – wind energy projects between three and 50 MW; large-scale solar energy projects between one and 20 MW; and small-scale solar energy projects less than one MW – have submitted a satisfactory level of applications, according to sources.

The deadline for applications expired yesterday. An official announcement has yet to be made.

Applications for wind-energy capacities were highest, totalling approximately 380 MW, sources noted.

Applications for the two solar energy categories reached a combined total of approximately 240 MW, of which roughly 195 MW concerns large-scale photovoltaic projects between one and 20 MW.

Judging by these figures, capacities of between 215 and 220 MW concerning wind energy projects and 135 to 140 MW concerning photovoltaic projects will be offered at the upcoming July 2 auction.

Taking into account a decision by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, to offer a total of 600 MW in 2018, approximately 250 MW will be left over following next month’s RES auction. According to sources, this amount will be offered at an additional auction within 2018. It is not linked to a combined wind-solar capacities auction also scheduled for the current year.

Official application data for the July 2 auction is scheduled to be released on June 19 when RAE will make known the final cut and precise capacities to be offered following an examination of applications.