Samaras: New memoranda will come only with SYRIZA

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who on Sunday delivered a speech in Kalamata, Peloponnese, appeared optimistic over his victory in the upcoming general elections and lashed out at SYRIZA saying that “new memoranda will come only with SYRIZA.”

According to AMNA, the showdown is about the country’s future in the coming decades, Samaras said and added that “New Democracy’s victory next Sunday is not only about our party but for all Greeks who wish the country to remain in the Eurozone… There are not two proposals facing each other on January 25 because SYRIZA has no proposals…while we want to make Greece a normal country not hit by deficits and debts. What will happen is up to you; even by one vote, because the party that will get an extra vote will get the additional 50 seats bonus. We will immediately form a government.”

He also accused SYRIZA of trying to deceive society. “Now they are talking about a debt haircut. This is the new deception. SYRIZA is aware of the fact that no European country will accept a haircut since they have lent us at lower rates compared to the ones they borrow at. But then, they will say it is not our fault and now we must put our hands in your pockets…In just two days they said they would tax property, they would tax withdrawals even from the ATMs, they would tax deposits.”

He also claimed that Europe and the European Central Bank react to SYRIZA’s proposals.

“Fortunately we have shielded the country within European institutions and we are winning the battle so that the country can be included in Mr. Draghi΄s quantitative easing. When we win the elections, everything will be restored. When ND wins, we will sign the new agreement, we will exit the memoranda and the country will get on a growth track for good,” he said.

“Our party brings the exit from the memoranda too. New memoranda will come only with SYRIZA. However, we are entering a period of growth, therefore we can give the following to the people: 

– Reduction in corporation tax from 25 percent to 15 percent, starting from the 2015 budget; first 3 percent and 2 percent in the coming years 

– Gradual reduction of the Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA) by 7 percent in 2015 until we reach 1 percent of the budget. By the end of the four year government term, we will have allocated these revenues to the local administration,” he said among others and referred to the abolition of the so-called “living presumptions” and the reduction of the maximum tax rate to 35 percent from 43 percent.

He said there have been injustices but now they will be restored and no more injustices will take place. “I guarantee that there will be no reduction in pensions; the lifetime pension for mothers with many children will be restored; I guarantee that no one will hurt the primary residence. I guarantee that within two years from now the issue with the wages of the security forces personnel will have been restored. Now that development has started, I assume the responsibility for the reconstruction of the social state.”