Revythoussa LNG unit, being upgraded, to close for 3 months

The country’s LNG terminal on Revythoussa, the islet just off Athens, is set to stop operating temporarily as of next Monday for a three-month period to enable the completion of the facility’s upgrade, which promises to boost its storage capacity and transportation possibilities.

The terminal’s temporary closure, planned for March 26 to June 10, has been timed to coincide with reduced gas consumption levels typically registered during this period.

Even so, RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has prepared an emergency plan should natural gas-fueled electricity producers demand increased gas amounts during the summer’s early stages, as has been the case in recent years.

The authority’s emergency plan primarily entails increased natural gas imports from Russia and Turkey, and, if needed, fuel switches, from natural gas to diesel, at the main power utility PPC’s facilities in Lavrio and Komotini, both equipped for such adjustments. The RAE plan also includes provisions for an interruption of electricity exports as an extreme option.

RAE, as well as DESFA and IPTO, the country’s respective gas and electricity grid operators, will be on alert during the Revythoussa LNG teminal’s three-month closure.

The Revythoussa upgrade, expected to be completed in September, includes the development of a third LNG storage tank.

Development of a new dock, as well the upgrade of Revythoussa’s existing dock, to improve the loading potential for vessels, is also planned. The objective is to significantly boost the terminal’s LNG transportation capabilities via road and sea routes to regions beyond the gas network for usage by industrial consumers, regional distribution networks, and the transportation sector.