Retail competition still slow on Crete, Rhodes but gradually rising

Competition in the retail electricity markets of Crete and Rhodes, the only two Greek islands where independent suppliers have so far been offered access to power markets, is currently subdued but showing signs of some intensification, monthly market data released by HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, has indicated.

Electricity market conditions on both islands remain less mature compared to those of mainland Greece as competition on both Crete and Rhodes is relatively recent. Crete’s retail electricity market was opened up last summer, while Rhodes entered the picture earlier this year.

Besides the main power utility PPC, eleven independent suppliers currently operate in the Cretan market. These are Elpedison, Green, NRG, Protergia, Volterra, Watt + Volt, Heron, Ken, Elta, Economic Growth, and Volton.

Heron led the pack of independent suppliers in May with a market share of 3.39 percent, up from 2.35 percent in February, 2.47 percent in March, and 2.74 percent in April, the HEDNO data showed.

Protergia followed with 3.01 percent of the Cretan market in May. It has also gained steadily, reaching 2.22 percent in February, 2.43 percent in March, and 2.76 percent in April, according to the HEDNO data.

On Rhodes, besides PPC, a further nine suppliers have entered the retail electricity market, these being Elpedison, Green, NRG, Protergia, Volterra, Watt + Volt, Heron, Ken, and Elta. Their market shares are still hovering at low levels.

Heron held a 0.61 percent share in May, up from 0.41 percent in March and 0.53 percent in April. Watt + Volt held 0.51 percent in May while Elpedison captured a 0.25 percent market share.