RES project deadlines trim accumulation, still considerable

Three key deadlines set by authorities to terminate idle RES project plans have expired, reducing the number of accumulated pending projects, still considerable.

Producer certificates for pending projects have, as a result, been reduced to represent a total capacity of approximately 80 GW, still enormous, from 95 GW.

RES investors, for one of the expired deadlines, had until March 15 to cancel producer certificates received for projects – a preliminary licensing step – and be able to have related issuance fees returned. Investors who missed this deadline are no longer entitled to receive this payment return should they not proceed with their projects.

Another deadline expired on March 31, until which RES project investors needed to submit to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, production licenses and spatial details of projects, or have licenses for these projects revoked. Authorities had extended this deadline.

Most recently, a third deadline expired on April 15. It required RES project investors to deliver guarantee payments of 35,000 euros per MWh for older RES producer certificates obtained through applications submitted to a June, 2021 cycle. These certificates have been cancelled for investors who failed to meet the deadline.