RAE to inspect suppliers for standardized power bills by end of June

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, plans to conduct checks on electricity suppliers towards the end of June to see if its guidelines for standardized electricity-bill presentations have been adopted, sources at the authority have informed energypress.

RAE issued a set of guidelines to electricity suppliers for standardized electricity bills by July 1 as a means of offering consumers greater transparency and the ability to make direct billing comparisons.

Electricity suppliers adopting RAE’s guidelines will be endorsed by the authority on its website, the sources added.

Suppliers are still working on their electricity-bill presentation revisions as they are engaged in ongoing consultation with RAE for clarification of certain details and also require more time to adjust their information technology systems, according to sources.

The country’s electricity suppliers are willing to adopt RAE’s guidelines for electricity bill revisions but have expressed concern over further changes that could eventuate as a result of price-intervention and subsidy policies amid the energy crisis.