RAE to approve compensation plan for outage-affected users

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, is expected to finalize a proposal this week for the country’s first ever framework offering compensation to electricity users affected by lengthy power cuts as a result of extreme weather conditions.

According to sources, RAE officials could approve the authority’s proposal for a compensation package at a plenary session tomorrow, bringing the framework a step closer to being legislated.

As previously reported by energypress, distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO will be responsible for the compensation system.

Compensation amounts to be paid out to affected electricity users will be many times over their distribution network fee payments, but will not exceed 2,000 euros, sources have informed.

Also, compensation payments will be limited to lengthy power disruptions, defined as over 72 hours long, and to areas with up to one million power meters.

During consultation staged last December, DEDDIE/HEDNO officials noted the operator faces challenges to swiftly repair network faults as a result of a lack of automated systems that enable instant identification of grid spots experiencing issues.