RAE adding final touches to PV pilot tender plan

Observations forwarded by market officials, through a public consultation procedure, for an upcoming pilot tender to offer a capacity of at least 40 MW for the installation of new PV systems, will be discussed tomorrow by the board at RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy. Final adjustments are now being made to the plan.

The authority hopes to publish the pilot tender’s announcement in the government gazette by November 9, which would enable its staging on December 12.

One crucial detail RAE still needs to decide on concerns whether or not tenders for PV sub-categories will be canceled if the total prospective capacities of auction participants do not exceed 40 percent of the total amount offered by the auction for the respective sub-category.

The thinking behind this detail has to do with ensuring that real competition exists during the auction process as subdued participation is expected to dampen bidding contests.

On the other hand, the main priority at this stage, following a period of extended stagnancy in the sector, is to propel the development of new PV projects via the pilot tender.