PPC’s Megalopoli believed to posses 15-year lignite potential

Lignite deposits feeding the main power utility PPC’s Megalopoli lignite-fired power station in the Peloponnese, whose units III and IV have been included in the bailout-required sale of lignite units, are estimated to last a further 15 years, until 2032, perhaps 2033.

The regional lignite deposit potential of units being offered in the sale stands a key factor in the details being examined by prospective investors.

Other matters currently preoccupying investors during this early stage of consultation ahead of a market test to be launched in January include market conditions, level of transparency, fair competition, and the possibility of additional costs at facilities, an issue requiring further clarification.

The first signs of appraisals being made are said to be encouraging.

Speaking at the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Greek Economy Conference” earlier this week, PPC’s chief executive Manolis Panagiotakis described  Megalopoli III and IV as top-rate assets.

The PPC boss expressed a preference for Chinese investors as buyers of the Megalopoli units, which could be interpreted as implying his anticipation of rich offers for their acquisition.

Certified recoverable lignite deposits at Megalopoli are estimated to exceed 100 million tons, energypress was informed earlier this year.