PPC troubled by various issues ahead of new market framework

The main power utility PPC’s upcoming effort to sell 40 percent of its lignite capacity, based on a bailout term agreement reached between the government and the country’s lenders, may represent the utility’s main challenge at this stage, but the utility also faces numerous other issues that promise to change market conditions in the mid to long term.

The implementation of the Target Model, for example, will radically change electricity market conditions. Preparations for markets framework revisions, as well as necessary infrastructure needed to bridge markets in southeast Europe, are already in progress.

RAE’s preparations based on NEMO (Nominated Electricity Market Operators) proposals for intraday coupling at the Italian borders has deepened PPC’s concern for the future.

PPC believes that a number of Greek market perculiarities hindering its smooth operation should be gradually eliminated.

The utility also believes it is vitally important to permit market participants to submit portfolio offers to the day-ahead electricity market and, as a result, has proposed the adoption of a self-dispatch system.