PPC: Less than 3 yrs for 1,000 electric car recharge stations

Power utility PPC expects the installation of 1,000 electric vehicle recharging points around Greece to be achieved in less than three years, sources have informed.

Related MoUs signed by PPC with the AB Vassilopoulos supermarket chain, airport operator Fraport and the taxi service company Beat this goal were announced yesterday.

PPC is also ambitious on the installation of 10,000 recharging stations,  a target expected to be achieved between 2024 and 2025.

The current PPC administration’s objectives for recharging-point installations are far more ambitious than those of the corporation’s previous leadership, whose installation plan was limited to highways and fuel stations.

Aiming for far more extensive coverage that will increase the availability of recharging points for drivers, PPC chief executive Giorgos Stassis wants swift action and decisions to establish the corporation as a leading player in this fast-developing market.

PPC also plans to create a new division focused on the electric vehicles sector to help the company achieve its goals in this market.

A growing number of major European energy companies, both vertically integrated and not, have entered the electric vehicles market over the past three years.