PPC Renewables granted permit for biomass facility

PPC Renewables, a wholly-owned subsidiary of main power utility PPC, has been granted a permit to develop a 25-MW biomass production facility in the Kozani area, northern Greece, by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy.

The facility is planned to run on biomass fuel provided by agricultural crops in the area such as humble artichoke thistle, or wild artichoke, miscanthus, and fiber sorghum, as well as other sources, including corn, grain, and pruning residues.

Preparations for this investment plan have taken place over a number of years. A permit request had been submitted in 2012 and had also included a plan to develop a 75 MW-capacity thermal facility, not included in the license just granted.

Experiments on wild artichoke cultivation, an excellent source of energy, have been conducted in the Kozani area since 2009. The biomass, to be purchased by PPC Renewables, a listed firm, from producers at pre-determined prices, will be mixed with lignite to improve production efficiency, reduce environmental pollution and boost local agriculture.