PPC pursuing strategy to boost cash flow, restrict unpaid bills

Electricity supply cuts, legal action, heightened monitoring and the continuation of payback programs through monthly installments are some of the means the main power utility PPC is employing in an effort to tackle its considerable unpaid receivables problem.

The utility has adopted electricity supply cuts for outstanding electricity bill sums deemed considerable as official policy. HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, will be ordered to take action. The utility is determined to cut electricity supply to clients with major outstanding amounts without any warning.

PPC will also strive to intensify follow-up monitoring to prevent any illegal reconnections.

PPC has also decided to resort to prelegal and legal action against debtors regarded as having exhausted the utility’s tolerance limits. Clients based in the wider Athens area with outstanding debt amounts exceeding 3,000 euros will be initially targeted.

Other tactics to be pursued by the utility include telephone calls to clients as reminders of overdue electricity bills.

Public sector enterprises and agencies with overdue electricity bills will be pressured to sign up for payback programs offering settlement through monthly installments.

Also, the utility plans to continue offering a 15 percent discount on electricity bills to household and professional customers as a reward for punctual payments.