PPC units sale to be relaunched with profit-loss sharing system

The main power utility PPC’s recently failed bailout-required sale of lignite units will be relaunched rather than extended to enable entries of new candidates, while a temporary profit-and-loss sharing mechanism concerning the buyers and seller will be introduced.

Ongoing negotiations between the energy ministry and the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition for the sale’s new terms and conditions are now well in progress.

The profit-and-loss sharing mechanism had been requested by some of the prospective buyers who emerged for the sale’s initial effort but its finalized version was rejected by Brussels after a series of revisions were made. This mechanism’s duration and details, such as limits, still remain unclear.

CAT remuneration eligibility for the lignite units included in PPC’s sale package is another crucial factor for the effort’s outcome. Brussels has yet to offer its approval for CAT eligibility.

The energy ministry is striving for a finalized sale plan ahead of an imminent Eurogroup meeting of eurozone finance ministers, scheduled for March 11.