PPC holding back on lignite generation ahead of winter

Power utility PPC has gradually been switching off its lignite-fired power stations in order to build up on lignite reserves at these facility grounds ahead of the upcoming winter season.

PPC is aiming for a lignite accumulation of approximately 2.5 million tons. The power utility’s current lignite reserves total 2.15 million tons. If PPC’s 2.5 million-ton winter objective is to be reached, the company’s lignite mines will need to operate at full capacity over the coming weeks, extracting amounts of 35,000 to 40,000 tons per day.

All seven of PPC’s lignite-fired power stations were operating at full capacity during summer’s peak periods. Now, just two of these units are operating, Agios Dimitrios III and V.

Agios Dimitrios II is undergoing maintenance, while Agios Dimitrios I and IV are on stand-by. Melitis is currently sidelined by a technical fault but is expected to be become available again on October 3. Megalopoli was closed for days but has become available as of today, if needed.

PPC’s lignite reserves have dwindled following strong demand during the summer, when PPC’s lignite share of the energy mix reached as high as 25 percent.