PPC given a month for CO2 surcharge transparency requirements

Power utility PPC is not honoring code of conduct requirements concerning transparency of information provided to consumers on CO2 emission cost surcharge calculations, RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has noted in a letter to the utility.

PPC has been asked to inform RAE on corrective action within a month or face a fine, according to the letter.

This development supports a recent complaint expressed by EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, disapproving a CO2 surcharge cost formula applied by PPC to its mid and high-voltage power supply.

In its letter to PPC, forwarded just days ago, RAE has asked the power utility to comply – promptly and fully – with industry regulations by providing necessary billing information to its consumers.

EVIKEN is maintaining an aggressive stance, insisting that the power utility’s information to consumers on surcharges imposed continues to lack detail.

Energy-intensive industrial consumers have questioned CO2 surcharges of 12.65 euros per MW/h for high-voltage supply and 13.09 euros per MW/h for mid-voltage supply concerning December, 2019. Consumers have requested full details on these charges.

EVIKEN, comparing lignite production figures for April and November, believes the CO2 surcharge rate for December should have been less than 12 euros per MW/h. It has demanded related and fully transparent data for every month of 2019.