PPC to end up receiving smaller than expected YKO amount

The gap seperating a Public Service Compensation (YKO) amount the main power utility PPC expects to receive for previous years and the figure being estimated by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, appears to have widened rather than narrowed.

RAE, which has spent months calculating the sum PPC should receive, is now believed to be on the final stretch. A final figure may be determined within the current week.

It appears that the YKO amount PPC stands to receive will work out to between 400 and 500 milion euros, well under the 735 million euros being demanded by the utility.

PPC is also seeking YKO amounts concerning 2008, which, however, are being disputed by RAE, according to energypress sources.

The authority claims PPC has received YKO amounts linked to 2008, based on a law ratified in 2012. Sources said a dispute has also emerged for YKO amounts concerning 2016.

PPC is seeking 735 million euros for a period up to 2015, but if 2016 is factored into the equation by RAE, an additional sum will need to be included.

Fuel prices were considerably low in 2016 and it is believed that PPC has already received YKO funds it is entitled to for 2016. PPC has yet to submit related data concerning 2016, which has complicated the calculations.