PPC changing company logo to symbolize RES transformation

Power utility PPC plans to unveil a new company logo within the next month that will symbolize the corporation’s shift from lignite to renewable energy and also signal its transformation into a company offering a range of domestic services, including maintenance and repair work, such as electrical and plumbing.

Announced late last year, this transformation is now approaching its launch. PPC recently completed a tender for a partner to support the company’s emergency domestic technical services program.

This program, part of PPC’s new commercial policy, will enable customers who have taken up a related insurance policy to call a hotline at all times for emergency help. Insurance fees for this policy, to cover annual periods, will be payable through monthly installments.

Most major energy firms in Europe offer customers supplementary services such home insurance and energy efficiency equipment.

PPC recently also announced an online appointments program for personalized service over the internet.

Though the company does not intend to back these initiatives with any major promotional campaign, they do represent elements building PPC’s new commercial policy.