Consumption, property criteria to determine power subsidies

Energy consumption and property ownership criteria are expected to be applied to exclude more affluent households from a new round of electricity subsidies being prepared by the government.

Conditions determining which households will be eligible for the next round of electricity subsidies are expected to be announced this week, preference widely expected to be given to struggling households in real need of support.

Electricity consumption from a certain level upwards will not be valid for subsidies, a measure to automatically exclude more carefree and higher-income households from electricity subsidies, while property ownership, including holiday homes and additional properties, will also be taken into account.

Electricity subsidies for multiple properties belonging to one household will not be possible under the new rules.

The new measures are also expected to offer subsidy support to small and medium-sized enterprises, feeling the pressure of sharply increased energy costs.

Surging energy prices over recent months are expected to result in energy cost increases of 200 percent for electricity and 600 percent for natural gas as of this month, compared to January, 2021.