PM attacks SYRIZA over its PPC position

Greece’s Prime Minister unleashed scathing remarks against the main opposition party, leftist SYRIZA, for its position on the 30% part-privatization plan of the public power corporation, PPC, while delivering a speech at an Economist conference in Athens this week. The Prime Minister, Mr. Antonis Samaras, said the leftist party’s view on the matter converged with that of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

“Now, as Greece is seeking to gain lost ground in this domain, too, certain parties are attempting to prevent it from happening, obstruct it, stall it. And they’re not even hesitating to use even the Golden Dawn MPs,” Mr. Samaras remarked. “Everybody,  marvel at the so-called progressive democrats, hand-in-hand with Golden Dawn,” he continued.

The Prime Minister also elaborated on his coalition’s part-privatization plan of PPC, following preceding comments on the matter, at the same conference, by SYRIZA’s leader, Mr. Alexis Tsipras.

“Greece, just like every member state of the European Union, is obliged to liberalize its energy market. All countries are doing it, and all are benefiting as a result,” noted Mr. Samaras. “Not all are going about it the same way, or at the same speed. But all countries agree that it needs to be done, and each decides on the method that suits it best. So that they can abolish state monopolies…”, he continued.