Plan to quadruple gas network fees for industry to be revised

A plan to increase gas network distribution surcharges by as much as 400 percent appears set to be revised for the better, the chief executive at DEPA, Theodoros Kitsakos, has informed, noting he will hold talks next week with officials at RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, during which he intends to present an alternative proposition.

Based on current plans, the gas network distribution surcharge for the industrial sector would be increased to four euros per MWh from one euro per MWh.

“The four-euro amount will be significantly reduced by our proposition and, in some cases, the increase may be entirely wiped out,” Kitsakos informed.

Although the revised plan is expected to rectify unfair surcharges imposed on major consumers, certain smaller manufacturers may still face high gas network distribution costs.

Industrial consumers have already submitted their own proposal, as part of a public consultation procedure, which divides industrial enterprises into two categories for gas network distribution surcharges. One category groups units consuming up to 100 GWh, for which consumption rates would be higher. The other category proposed would offer a lower rate for bigger consumers.

However, if the public consultation procedure for the issue is to progress, RAE will need to become functional again by filling vacant administrative posts. Four posts of the authority’s seven-seated board are currently vacant. All current meetings held by RAE are unofficial as no executive decisions can be made without a majority vote.

According to some sources, the energy ministry may make decisions on new recruits within the next few days. Candidates for RAE’s four board posts, including that of deputy chairman, have been shortlisted.