Photovoltaic producers take credit-related legal action against electricity market operator LAGIE

The Electricity Market Operator, LAGIE, faces a new round of challenges that could complicate the implementation of the recent law 4254 for renewable energy sources as a result of legal action taken by a group of photovoltaic-sector investors over compulsory credit implementation for energy in 2013.

The group of investors, citing conditions stipulated by regulations, filed cases against LAGIE as well as the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, HEDNO, pointing out an incompatibility between the “New Deal” – Greece’s renewable energy source objectives – and details of the Greek constitution and European law.

Given that the court of jurisdiction can, at this point, only judge on the legal nature of a controversial surcharge, LAGIE is obliged to take a position and assess whether it will proceed with offsetting the 100% credit provided by the firms taking legal action, or whether it will resort to implementing existing regulations and offset by just 50% as it awaits the outcome of the legal proceedings.